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Dubai's Tourism Boom: A Golden Opportunity for Hospitality Professionals Through COTHM Dubai

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Photographer: Robert Bock | Source: Unsplash

The latest report from Cavendish Maxwell shows that Dubai's tourism is doing well again after the pandemic, with the city reaching new highs. Dubai's hospitality and tourism industry is not just recovering; it’s thriving with promise and potential for professionals looking to build their careers.

Dubai welcomed an impressive 9.83 million visitors in the first half of 2023, showcasing a significant uptick in tourism and a clear signal of the robust health of its hospitality sector. The report notes that hotel occupancy rates have hit a 15-year high, with an occupancy rate of 75.7% in August 2023, which indicates a vibrant market rife with employment opportunities.

Dubai's Department of Economy and Tourism recent figures show that the city welcomed 14.36 million international guests staying overnight in 2022, a significant increase from the 7.26 million recorded in 2021.

As the report by Cavendish Maxwell outlines, there’s been a considerable increase in luxury and economy sector establishments. With a projected 38.4% increase in luxury properties by the end of 2023 and a remarkable forecast of 46.4% growth in 2024, the need for skilled hospitality professionals is set to soar.

Despite global economic challenges, the UAE has maintained low inflation rates, contributing to economic stability. This financial health has bolstered the tourism sector, indirectly impacting job security and creation within hospitality.

Here at COTHM Dubai, our curriculum is meticulously crafted to align with Dubai’s hospitality landscape. We prepare our students to meet the demands of both the luxury and economy sectors, ensuring they have the skills necessary to succeed in this dynamic environment.

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