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COTHM Dubai Is Now KHDA's Approved Training Center

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We are delighted to announce that COTHM Dubai is now KHDA's approved training center for Hospitality, Travel, Tourism, and Culinary Arts.

The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) is the educational quality assurance and regulatory authority of the Government of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

We embrace Year 2020 by positioning ourselves to cater even more effectively to the training needs of the growing hospitality industry for skilled human resources.

We started our presence in Dubai as a representative office of our hotel schools and have been servings the HR needs of the industry through our Internship Program. We have been working very closely with the hospitality industry and academic partners for the last four years.

Being already approved training & testing center of BHMS Switzerland, CTH UK, Highfield UK and in view of our forward-looking growth strategy, we are now KHDA's approved training center offering Skill-Based Training Programs through blended, online and distance learning methods.

How Hospitality Industry Partners Can Benefit From This Development?

  • COTHM Dubai provides on-premises and off-premises skill-based training programs to improve performance and efficiency of the existing workforce.
  • We develop & deliver customized programs in collaboration with industry partners for faster onboarding of new employees and continuous development of the existing operational staff.
  • We offer Assessment-Lead training programs to address specific under-performing areas of the operation.
  • We facilitate with locally available diversified pool of International candidates for the growing requirement of internees in the region. 

How Hospitality Students & Professionals Can Benefit From This Development?

  • COTHM Dubai offers a wide range of certification programs for Hospitality Professionals from line level up to the executive level.
  • Hospitality professionals can move up their career faster by taking our certification programs through our blended, online and distance learning methods.
  • Hospitality professionals can get their relevant experience translated into formal qualification through RPL (Recognition to Prior Learning)  programs.

How Academic Partners Can Benefit From This Development?

  • Our academic partners in the region can send their fresh graduates into our purpose-built short program of Study "Certified Hospitality Professional-Workplace Skills" that prepares the candidates to be effective and productive at workplace from the 1st day of their internship or job. 

We are committed to continuing our efforts to become more relevant for our students, professionals, academic and industry partners in the region.

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